Harvest & Milling Season 2022/23

This year's Harvest & Milling season is well underway!  It’s a special time here at the farm.  We look forward to each year’s harvest with a mix of excitement and anxiety.  Fortunately, this year we have a great crop, and the milling is going very well. It’s a relief, and means lots of amazing extra virgin olive oil for the year ahead! 

Milling - The Hopper

This season we’re running two olive mills, the only two in the Ojai Valley actually.   It's the first time we've done this, and it's been great.  While it’s certainly more work, it’s also makes life a lot easier in some respects.  We have redundancy in case of problems with one machine, the workload is split between two teams, and we can run twice as fast.  It also allows us some new offerings, like more options for small community milling.  With one mill for larger batches, and for certified organic olives only, and one for smaller batches, and where we can run any amount of olives from locals around the valley. 

Being able to do true community milling has been great.  It's fun making little batches of olive oil for Ojai residents that just have a handful of olive trees, and it makes everyone happy. We have more community milling days coming soon, so if you have some olive trees you want to pick, bring us your olives, and we’ll give you back your olive oil! 

Fresh olive oil :)

The remaining 2022/23 Season Community Milling Days will be Nov 7-9, and Nov 14-16. That means anyone can bring us their olives, and we will mill them into olive oil for you.  Any amount of olives is alright, and the olives can be dropped off at our tasting room, at 1811 Ladera Road, anytime between 10am-4pm. In most cases, you can return to pick up your olive oil either later that day, or the following day.

We are excited and honored to be able to offer this to our local community.  Please message us or call us if you have any questions.