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Ojai Olive Oil is a small family farm, committed to making some of the world's finest olive oils. Extra Virgin is just the beginning with our California liquid gold. From hand picking our olives, to using a classic Tuscan style mill, our focus is on maximizing quailty. Cold-pressed, unfiltered, and always unadulterated, our oils are known for their near zero acidity, high polyphenols, and exquisite taste. The very best, from our trees to your table.

Our organic and biodynamic farm has been in our family for generations, and we run it with future generations in mind. Many of our olive trees have been here for hundreds of years, and we hope for many more centuries to come. Regenerative agriculture and a focus on improving ecosystems gives us abundance with sustainability. We love what we do here, and love offering you something special and unique, from our farm to your family.

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Awards and Accolades

Ojai Olive Oil has won more that 50 Gold Medals and Best in Show awards at local, state, and international tasting competitions. This includes over a dozen wins at the New York International Olive Oil Competition, the world's most prestigious tasting contest. Our owner & manager, Philip Asquith, is also the recipient of an award as a Master Miller from the California Olive Oil Council. We have been making some of the world's best olive oil for generations, and are only getting better at what we do.